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Target Market
The domestic market for the Chinese market marketing and after-sales service points east, north, central, south, northwest five marketing services center.

Eyewear: young women, students, white-collar workers with computer phone number;
Traditional warm paste products: all the necessary weatherization care providers, small dressing young women, the elderly, persons lumbar cervical health, arthritis, outdoor sports;
WY sheet type from the heat generating element Other Applications: ointment patch use of the crowd, the crowd of women and other beauty care

International Marketing Department in charge of overseas marketing and after-sales service market, divided Asia, the US, South America, Europe, four branches. Users with sheet products, special specifications special requirements of user-oriented products.

Warm Friends Network
Two sub-traditional channels and e-commerce sales system. General regional agents and distributors.
traditional channels (about 40%): company brand OEM production; supermarkets, stores, convenience stores, pharmacies, and other commodity markets
e-business (about 60%): Lynx Mall, Jingdong Mall, Shop No. 1, Suning Tesco and other major B2C platforms; each buy direct sales network platform; medium of exporting platform;; cooperation network marketing company for many individuals and companies shop Delivery; warm friendly online direct wholesale and retail