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Warm Friends has been formally a national invention patents, patent three new structures, packaging patents 21; another eight patents, three patents in the structure of the new application. Warm Friends approved or pending patents include: Based on the steam goggles thin heating element, the temperature change breathable film, dry eye treatment equipment, ultra-thin body heat, negative ions steam heating pad, stickers and other health care lumbar cervical spine

Warm Friends has more than twenty officially registered trademark, brand laid a good foundation for existing and future product lines flagship product development. Trademark has been officially approved by the State Administration for Industry include: warm friends, warm friends, warm baby, bear little love, family, warm, heat and other spirits

temperature change breathable membrane technology eligible for the 2014 Shanghai Science and Technology "Innovation Fund" to support, we are applying for national innovation fund; based on the sheet type heat generator steam goggles patented technology products, is applying innovative technology into Shanghai project support