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◆ Shanghai Warm Friends independent research WY sheet type from the heat generating element, represents the results of the latest international leading self-heating products, it can be said that the original revolutionary breakthrough technology, is a new generation self-heating products. Because the use of more safety and health, higher heating efficiency, the temperature can be precisely controlled, ultra-thin, easy to shape, WY sheet-type self-heating body greatly expand the application fields of similar products, the market prospect is extremely broad. Warm Friends WY sheet-type self-heat generation technology, is a unique, international leader

◆ warm friendly formulation and production process leading domestic and international only able to produce any performance, specifications, and heating temperature of self-heating product companies, such as paper-thin thin warm paste, and as from 30 ℃ to 90 ℃ any fever temperature warm paste and related products

◆ standard warm friendly warm stickers reliable quality, heat stable, long duration, the Shanghai Technology Supervision Bureau identified, warm friendly standards authorities can be attached to a standard type warm baby fever for more than 18 hours (usually 12 hours)

◆ decided to warm paste quality and price are the two key raw materials and special adhesive for breathable membrane, warm friendly Independent has successfully developed a world-class level of warm paste special adhesive, and mass production; warm paste special breathable film has also been master core technologies, has applied for national invention patent

◆ warm friendly leading R & D strength in the domestic industry, the company main managers of chemical engineering academic background and professional experience, research and development capabilities of its basic guarantee; while the company also includes a new R & D consultant Tokyo Institute of Technology, East China University of Technology Tsinghua University's chemical engineering, chemical thermodynamics, materials science and other aspects of experts

◆ Warm Friends independent research laboratory has been set up six years. Professional laboratory to provide customers with new product development and consulting services. Some high-tech research extending more areas through the use of products to meet the needs of different industries. Laboratory focuses on special products and custom-related products and new materials.