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Warm Friends Existing products include five categories:
sheet type heat generator series (domestic unique, international leader)
Steam goggles pretty slim warm stickers affixed Palace slim Care, thin Breast warm hood, digital products and precision instruments cold pads, medical ointment patch auxiliary heating paste.

general self-heating thermal product range
General warm paste product: the specifications can be attached to standard and non-paste warm paste, mini warm paste etc;
Special warm paste Product: warm enough to paste the specifications, warm house paste, Hand bag, etc.;
Thermal health care products: Warm Friends waist, knee pads warm friendly, warm Friends Neck, Shoulders warm friendly, self-heating warm gloves.

self-heating thermal paste materials and technical services
Warm paste special adhesive;
Warm paste special breathable film;
Warm paste production technology consulting services.

Medical Device Products
Hot warm paste, lumbar cervical health care products, arthritis health care products, feminine care products, beauty care, dry eye and other eye care products.

Series repellent products
Natural plant extracts (excluding DEET) repellent stickers mosquito ring, insect repellent liquid mosquito repellent ointment.

Warm Friends existing production capacity

◆ warm friendly factory has obtained national types of medical equipment production qualification

◆ Warm Friends has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification through 13485 certification, in line with the EU 2011/65 / EU safety norms

◆ Customizable temperature from 40 ℃ -80 ℃ temperature of any heating, the sheet-type heat generation product thickness <1mm, this self-heating body sheet products is more smooth than the powdered product, soft.

◆ existing plant about 1,500 square meters

◆ current domestic unique sheet type heat generator product line three

◆ Existing domestic level of automation the highest and most advanced standard warm paste three production lines; there are two lines profiled warm paste; medical equipment for a production line; two sets of production equipment, raw materials; equipment of a repellent products