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Slow fatigue steam goggles sought after experts: need to remove contact lenses use

Writer:刘轶琳Source:东方网 Date:2016-1-8 14:19

LONDON reporter Liu Yilin November 13 reported: Recently, the Korean star Hyun Bin photos with steam goggles sitting boarded network, so that the steam goggles rage, white-collar workers followed suit. Experts advise, though such goggles can help alleviate eye fatigue, but also can not use "free" to wear contact lenses are best off glasses before use.
Steam hot steam goggles goggles called, is the use of self-heating type sheet supplying energy, while emitting a naked eye is difficult to see water vapor. Since these products are disposable means that the use of health and safety, easy to carry, and therefore welcomed by many women, can expect to get comfortable by promoting blood circulation to add water vapor through goggles, to achieve the purpose of beauty eye effect.
So, whether it is the use of steam goggles can reach Propaganda remove bags under the eyes, remove dark circles, remove eye wrinkles, eyecare other? In this regard, deputy director of Putuo District Central Eye Hospital Hydride said steam goggles function is equivalent to using a hot towel Fu Yan, in a short time can indeed help promote blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue.
Hydride LONDON told reporters, human eye skin is thin, thin blood vessels, due to the high temperature of the steam, the eye can promote blood circulation and improve eye fatigue. "And steam is moist, which in the eye and feel the same as when using artificial tears dry, your eyes will feel very comfortable," Hydride said, "We usually see things a long time, mental tension, there will be eye cramps, twitching eyelids, with a hot towel wrap will ease, steam goggles effect is the same. "
At the same time, experts also said that although such steam goggles to be more convenient than a hot towel Fu Yan, but still have to white-collar workers in the use of some attention. "Users need to close their eyes to wait for some time, so the time is not recommended to use with contact lenses that make eyes in a hypoxic state, so it is best to contact lenses removed again." Hydride said.
In addition, industry sources, although online sales of steam goggles dozens, but the real steam goggles must be sheet type, the current worldwide can produce only two, one is Japanese, one is in Shanghai, China; from the appearance point of view, both sides of the authentic goggles ear hook material should be very thin very elastic fabric; if banded ear hook, although it looks like in appearance, but that is cheap knockoff.
According to reports, due to the technical difficulty producing sheet type, raw material requirements are also high, so there can be a very low price; and - reduction of warm blu-tack (powder bags) steam goggles, rough process is simple, low technical difficulty, raw materials is low, the price is relatively cheap, but this can not be true steam goggles, but there will be adverse reactions after use.

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