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Beauty artifact mask after - sheet type steam goggles

Date:2016-1-8 14:19

New Shanghai Network November 13 power Taiwan's famous television variety show "Kangxi coming", which is a series of bags turned actress, is to open the bag Yaoyao sister APPLE, bag in addition to a lot of snacks, there are as eye-catching is a sheet-type steam goggles, she on the spot demonstration of how to use, what is good, Kevin Tsai said: she will take care of themselves yeah.
In the "flowers and young," the first installment, the Tao has a sheet-type hot steam goggles share weary sisters, for everyone to bring a touch of warmth arduous travel. And then in the "every day" program, she put on his "Taotao universal package", it ranked first is dental floss, and is ranked second sheet type steam goggles. Tao therefore was friends praised as "the goddess of the home," she replied lightly:. "I was a plan to have more people like to live and work efficiently, to do anything not like to waste time."
Even the "national father" Han also on the microblogging ridicule sharp picture of themselves wearing goggles steam, but also attracted more users and sharp flavors, comments have asked: "is a small four quilt sent you? "" yes you lengthen it? "
Steam goggles fashion in the entertainment circle, white-collar workers are very popular, is becoming a mask after another big beauty "Artifact." In fact, in Japan, Korea, steam goggles already a high-end consumer eye beauty standing purpose equipment, as more and more Chinese users, the mystery behind the mystery of steam goggles, gradually become known.
Steam goggles in the end is a kind of "artifacts"?
Appearance: two soft cotton, printed above the often subtle pattern that looks Mimi; which seems to have a soft sheets, but with soft cotton seamless; when there were half open, in order to be worn on the upper part of the natural eye from the nose separate people comfortable; both sides of the ear hook, very thin very elastic fabric (reminder: authentic steam goggles ear loops are made such an elastic thin cloth, if banded ear hook, although it looks like beautiful, but that is cheap knockoff), according scoring tear, the two sets of ears in the hole ear hook can be.
Internal: If you're curious, ripped out of steam goggles soft cloth, you will find there is a fever around each sheet (note: If you are not open and found inside the sheet, but as a kind of pack warm baby powder, or is not a chip-type layer of powder form was that you have to be careful, this is definitely a knockoff, or throw away good, because it may damage the eyes), the sheet is flexible, individually molded this is the core of the mystery of where the steam goggles.
Experience: worn on the eyes, and you will soon have to feel the heat, then warmed, and then you feel the most comfortable temperature for some time, and then cooling, temperature and body temperature when you feel no difference, you can remove the blindfold (Special note: the temperature should be about 41 ℃, heating time is not as long as possible, only 15-25 minutes, definitely not more than 30 minutes!
If you buy a steam heat goggles long, over 30 minutes, and that's not a good thing, it can be determined knockoff); heating up, maintain, to the cooling process, you might not see, but it will actually feel soft comfortable steam, such as in the eye to do "sauna"; peeled off goggles, you can feel the eyes and the surrounding moist, while there is a sense of spirits.
Features: Listen to eye experts, the steam can improve vision goggles, could help remove bags under eye wrinkles and dark circles, to the beauty of women, with more white-collar computer phone, reading can also re-student vision loss in the elderly, are applicable.
The eyes are the windows of the soul, bright eyes is a sign of healthy young. Mask is a necessity many facial and eye actually requires more "beauty", it is foreseeable, steam goggles for its safe, easy to use, the effect is significant characteristics, will become a new bright spot beautiful eyes beauty.

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