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The emergence of new Japanese and Korean fashion hotties wearing goggles

Date:2016-1-8 14:19

New Shanghai Network November 13, according to South Korean showbiz revealed the news to drama "My Name is Kim Sam-soon" became the most dazzling new era of Korean actor Hyun Bin recently when filming gap habit waiting games caravans wear a hair containing steam goggles Xiaoxie energy sheet.
And this has transferred goggles magical "eye sauna" effect, since Hyun Bin's fame, his leisure habits are picking out entertainment reporter, so it became fashionable to wear this vapor goggles, rage, people do CJK are sought after, China Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities began to follow fashion.
Then the goggles in the end what mystery it? Check the relevant information in Japan and South Korea, which is quite popular fashion eyewear does have principles nanoscale steam heat, and speaking of the traditional medical theory actually has the same place, that is Li's "Compendium of Materia Medica" in the He mentioned "iron head", saying that white is for the eyes to do a little steam SPA. The eyes of such "spiritual window", a considerable boost.
Steam SPA is also known as a spa. Since taking into account the human sense of touch, smell, and mind, it is possible to cause the body to relax, mental pleasure, much like Japanese and Korean people. Many visitors to Japan and South Korea travel around the world, if not the hot spring in the local area, it is a lot of money went to Japan and South Korea. Many studies have shown that the body often do SPA role against age, but this does not include systemic eye. According to eye experts say, "The eyes are the most delicate organs of the body, most of the oil products have a certain irritation to the eyes if massage will inevitably enter the eye, it may affect vision." For security on consider, general SPA technician will usually avoid eye area. But the eye is showing a person older parts of the eye because of skin aging faster than other parts of the facial skin. If the SPA has a certain role "reverse age", then the eye should actually be key parts of the SPA. However, for safety considering eye on the eye but often ignored. This is undoubtedly a contradiction and regret.
However, this "regret" Japan and South Korea have been the stars of the first amendment to have a charming little eyes known Korean singer Rain has said that his eyes have a natural and mysterious maintenance methods. As such he is not willing to disclose the maintenance of "windows of the soul" of the law, reportedly is the new fashion in Japan and South Korea have recently emerged: steam goggles. It was reported that Japanese star Takuya Kimura, also carry one kind of goggles was standing in his fly when it will put this out to wear goggles. Originally thought he was just a fan in order to prevent being recognized, it now appears that there are magical goggles eye care role.
Thin sheet goggles with nanoscale vapor role, opened just a few seconds, it will begin to heat, not only the release of moist steam, and maintain a constant temperature in the high-tech action. Let the eye do a 15-25 minutes or so of steam SPA. Fatigue and tension eye also gone. There flavor in the air will be filled with the aroma slowly, even insomnia people will sleep in refreshing aroma. In fact, in addition to steam goggles relieve eye fatigue and sleep outside, there is another effect that promote blood circulation of the eye, reducing eye moisture loss, alleviate dark circles. It often stays up late most suited office workers and students groups to use. Perhaps this is the real and lasting Japanese and Korean people interested in the cause of it.
This process of the release of steam goggles actually have some high-tech principle reacts after encountering air goggles thin sheet of material generates heat, and the release of nanoscale water vapor. These vapors naked eye can not see, however, it brings heat uncomfortable feeling is real. Qualified steam goggles are sheet-type heating body. Former Chinese star to wear this fashion steam goggles, all idea of ​​buying from Japan or Korea; but now the country has also been the same sheet type of steam goggles. According to a knowledgeable person, there are two kinds of steam goggles on the Chinese market: one is the traditional warm-down baby (powder bags), one is a sheet type. Only sheet type steam goggles and Japan and South Korea is the same as the authentic goods, Japan and South Korea no powder bags goggles. Because the powdered heating element to heat unevenly, cause local temperature is too high or too low, the phenomenon affects not only the experience, serious and even cause local burns; and pink goggles have bagged powder leakage caused by damage possible. Sheet-type heating element steam goggles, uniform heating, constant temperature of about 41 °, the heating time is about 15-25 minutes, safe and reliable, is keen on fashion that's a good choice.

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