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How to choose steam goggles?

Date:2016-1-8 14:18

Q: What is steam goggles?
A: also known as hot steam steam goggles goggles, is the use of advanced self-heating type sheet supplying energy, while emitting a naked eye is difficult to see the fine warm water vapor. Such products are disposable means that the use of health and safety, easy to carry, can be used anytime, anywhere. It is similar to the eye to be wonderful, "sauna", Shu by promoting blood circulation, add water to reach eye beautiful eyes effect.
Q: What are the goggles sheet Steam function?
A: Steam goggles sheet comes out of steam, can promote eye blood circulation, complement the eye moisture, relieve eye fatigue, remove bags under the eyes, remove dark circles, remove eye wrinkles, protect eyesight and sleep aids and other features. These features make the sheet-type steam goggles for women, and more students to read and write, to use computer phone more white-collar, of vision loss in the elderly, they are very suitable.
Q: How much longer to achieve optimum steam heat goggles?
A: The length of the best internationally recognized eye specialist eye is 15-20 minutes and not more than 30 minutes, the heating time is too long may cause damage to the eyes. That is, the authentic steam goggles heat 15-20 minutes in length, fever more than 30 minutes of steam goggles can be regarded as defective, it can not be used.
Q: The optimum temperature steam heat goggles for how much?
A: According to clinical testing situation, the heating temperature of 41 ° C is about the most appropriate, which is the best sense of the user experience, but also the most eye effect of temperature. Because the human eye is most sensitive skin, high temperature may not be conducive to eye health.
Q: flakes and powder bags Steam goggles type (warm baby Shrink) compared to steam goggles, which is better?
A: Steam sheet goggles far better than powdered bagged steam goggles, only the sheet type is the authentic goods. in fact
Japan and South Korea, the US and European markets only sheet type steam goggles, no powdered bagged so-called "steam goggles" powder bags steam goggles are banning the production and sale.
Bags of powdered type (that is warm blu-tack narrow type) steam blindfold four major problems exist. First, the raw material may have local conglomerate, very thick; in some places is not very thin materials, which would locally too hot or no heat, or possibly tainted powder out, these are the eyes or other parts of the skin damage; Second, the heating temperature is difficult to control, sometimes hot, sometimes hot, sometimes fever time is very short, sometimes long, and the eye of the heat longer than 30 minutes. Third, sometimes without steam, has been uneven, the eye can not reach a suitable amount of steam required. Fourth, the raw materials used are the same as with the traditional general warm baby, do not meet the higher requirements of goggles, inferior raw materials may be volatilized harmful chemical substances harmful to health.
Steam goggles because the sheet is made of a thin sheet, so fundamentally eliminate the possibility of leakage of powder on the human eye injury; whole goggles uniform heating, the heating temperature is strictly controlled at about 41 ℃ 15-20 minutes, which is internationally recognized best ophthalmologist eye temperature and time; evenly distributed steam, sufficient to ensure the eyes moist; technical process is different from the baby warm, thin type steam goggles used raw materials are mostly imported, in line with eye protection medical device standards, absolutely safe and reliable.
Q: Eye Care Common Mistakes What?
A: fever think the longer the better, the higher the temperature, the better. In fact, this is misleading. The actual situation is not the case.
Thickness of the skin near the eye of the other part of the skin thickness of only 1/3 the number of sebaceous glands and rarely. That is, the skin near the eye is sensitive, the temperature is not too high. If a long time again, the consequences are disastrous. Temperature is too low, there is no effect.
Dr. Stephen Field in Houston, United States • Fu Luge Bayer School of Medicine professor of ophthalmology has also been said that the proper heat better than cold effect, heat can help expand the blood, reduce swelling, redness, tears can also discharge orifice open, let the tears flow secretion solve fatigue, dryness and other eye problems. But note that the heating time should be controlled in 15-20 minutes, the temperature at 41 ℃, long heating time and heating temperature instability may cause eye skin damage.
Q: How to determine whether the steam goggles authentic?
A: First, the real steam goggles must be sheet type, the current worldwide can produce only two, one is Japanese, one is in Shanghai, China; second, from the appearance point of view, both sides of the ear hook authentic goggles material should be thin and very elastic fabric; if banded ear hook, although it looks like in appearance, but that is cheap knockoff; third, since the production of sheet-type high technical difficulty, raw material requirements are also high, so there can be a very low price; and - reduction of warm blu-tack (powder bags) steam goggles, rough process is simple, low technical difficulty, lower raw material requirements, the price is relatively cheap, but this can not be true steam goggles, can not be used.

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