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Q: goggles steam heating temperature the higher the better?
A: This view is wrong. According to clinical studies show that the best eye temperature is around 41 ° C in the most appropriate, but also a good user experience a sense of temperature. Because of the sensitivity of the human eye, the temperature is too high, not only is not conducive to eye health, eye hand, it is possible to burn the skin, is not conducive to eye health.

Q: How much longer to achieve optimum steam heat goggles?
A: The length of the best internationally recognized eye specialist eye is 15-20 minutes and not more than 30 minutes, the heating time is too long may cause damage to the eyes. That is, the authentic steam goggles heat 15-20 minutes in length, fever more than 30 minutes of steam goggles can be regarded as defective, it can not be used.

Q: Why did you choose the sheet-type steam goggles?
A: Steam sheet goggles far better than powdered bagged steam goggles. In Japan and South Korea, European and American markets only sheet type steam goggles, no powdered bagged so-called "steam goggles" powder bags steam goggles are banning the production and sale.

Bags of powdered type (that is warm blu-tack narrow type) steam blindfold four major problems exist. First, the raw material may have local conglomerate, very thick; in some places is not very thin materials, which would locally too hot or no heat, or possibly tainted powder out, these are the eyes or other parts of the skin damage; Second, the heating temperature is difficult to control, sometimes hot, sometimes hot, sometimes fever time is very short, sometimes long, and the eye of the heat longer than 30 minutes. Third, sometimes without steam, has been uneven, the eye can not reach a suitable amount of steam required. Fourth, the raw materials used are the same as with the traditional general warm baby, do not meet the higher requirements of goggles, inferior raw materials may be volatilized harmful chemical substances harmful to health.

Steam goggles because the sheet is made of a thin sheet, so fundamentally eliminate the possibility of leakage of powder on the human eye injury; whole goggles uniform heating, the heating temperature is strictly controlled at about 41 ℃ 15-20 minutes, which is internationally recognized best ophthalmologist eye temperature and time; evenly distributed steam, sufficient to ensure the eyes moist; technical process is different from the baby warm, thin type steam goggles used raw materials are mostly imported, in line with eye protection medical device standards, absolutely safe and reliable.

Q: What is self-heating products?
A: As the name suggests, is no fire, electricity, water or other sources of energy, in the natural state, torn outer bag to heat the product can maintain a certain temperature and long heating fever.


Q: What is the principle of self-heating of the reaction product is?
A: The principle of self-heating reaction product is for iron and oxygen in the air after the rapid oxidation reaction, the chemical energy into heat energy principle. In order to be able to last longer and the temperature more constant temperature, the product is very sophisticated permeable membrane to control the amount of oxygen to enter. Because the product can not react before use, so the bag material has to be very special, KOP + + PE printed layer composite. In use, remove the outer bag, so that the product is exposed to the air for 30 seconds, oxygen in the air which enters through the micro-permeable membrane. Heat release time and temperature is to be controlled by the rate of oxygen permeability permeable membrane. If excessive oxygen permeability, followed by excessive heat, is likely to burn the skin. If the oxygen permeability is too slow, the temperature is too low. After using dark brown solid, which contain carbon, NaCl solid, Fe2O3 containing solids and salts of magnesium aluminum.
Reaction equation: